Virgil Abloh Skating
©Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton

Virgil abloh is connecting skating to high-end luxury

While not only shaping this new era of ‘Hyped’ luxury clothing, creative director of Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh is also fusing the skateboarding youth to the DNA of the french luxury giant.


He’s not swept it under a rug that his love for skateboarding is immeasurable, he claims it proudly. Firstly, by following like, almost every good skater on instagram. Secondly, by posting photos on instagram where he’s conducting a flat-ground trick. And lastly, by signing professional Jamaican skater Lucien Clarke to design the very first Louis Vuitton skating shoe.

The outcome is a baby in the form of a shoe, created with the genes and vision of a professional skater (Lucien Clarke) and Virgil Abloh, the designer ‘obsessed’ with skating. Below is the colorway that has been released thus far, more to come!

Louis Vuitton By Lucien Clarke
©Lucien Clarke

To cover the sneakers called ‘A view’, they were released in mid November. Moreover, the sneakers were released in a black and orange colorway, while there were at least two more colorways teased by Clarke. These pairs were white and shades of orange and a full blue pair with different shades of blue.

From the point-of-view of a skater, it’s probably nice to know that the shoe is really made in consideration of the durability and perks for a ‘skater’. Furthermore, it is constructed with specific technical textiles, calf-leather and sole cushioning made from foam and polyurethane.

As if today, the sneakers are sold-out worldwide. Not without the usual warning signs; ‘hype’ and ‘resell’. Yes, they do great on the resale market…. kuch, kuch, $3000 for shoes to be skated and destroyed, wowzers….

By Kevin Vergeer

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