Welcome to our website. Please be informed that the following terms govern the access to and use of www.sumunage.com. These Terms and Conditions apply to all orders made on www.sumunage.com. This website is managed and maintained by Sumunage.


Website: when using the term ‘website’, it will always be referring to www.sumunage.com.

Customer: consumer of products bought on www.sumunage.com.

Consumer: any person who is buying garments to wear and tear it him/her self.

VAT: Value-Added Tax is a tax assessed value added to the goods.

Order: the order placed by customer to Sumunage for the purchase of products.

Transmission: the action or process of transmitting something. In this case; transmitting an order.


These Terms & Conditions form an integral part of each purchase agreement of any product on the website. Therefore the customer automatically accepts all the following terms when transmitting an order. 

Every order must be completed by acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. By accepting the Terms & Conditions you will immediately create a mutual agreement between the Customer and Sumunage. 

Sumunage reserves the right to cancel items from any kind of order that are sold out.

The general Terms & Conditions are published on the website for Customer’s information, in compliance with the applicable laws currently into force.

Sumunage reserves the right to amend and/or integrate the Terms & Conditions stated on the website at any time, without any notice.


Sumunage has the right to alter or simply update all parts of the Terms & Conditions at any time, without notice.


Sumunage is a company incorporated under the proprietorship of Kevin Vergeer. Incorporated under the Dutch law, with registered office at Dronenweg 73, 2411HB Bodegraven, The Netherlands. With VAT no. NL003198861B21, registered in the Business register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 77438817.


Sumunage have made efforts to display the exact identical product colors on the website. Please be aware that the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor and/or other circumstances. We can and do not guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour will be accurate.


Customers of Sumunage are entitled to product conformity, meaning that all products offered for sale on the website, comply with the agreement and the expectations of customers of Sumunage. 

The customer is required to check the delivered product(s) in order to ascertain that the product(s) match the ordered and to check if the product(s) do not show any manufacturing defects or lack conformity.

If it happens to be that the product(s) do have any manufacturing defects or lack conformity, the customer shall be entitled to demand that the conformity of the product(s) shall be restored either by replacing the products or repairing the product(s) free of charge.


Sumunage warrants product authenticity of all products offered for sale on the website. 


All products offered for sale on the website can be viewed by clicking on the product, which will redirect you to the product page. The product page will indicate additional information about the garment, very clear photographic images, the price of the garment, the colors of the garment and the available sizes.

Sumunage customers shall receive full control on their purchase behavior. Therefore, Sumunage has not put a limit on maximum units per product a Customer may purchase.

When agreeing on the correctly selected product, the product shall be placed in the ‘bag’.

Visit the ‘bag’ to view the selected product(s) and the total price of the order, inclusive shipping and taxes.

The customer is required to check all the product(s) selected in the ‘bag’ thoroughly to ensure that the correct product(s) are being ordered by the customer.

The Customer is required to confirm that he/she has read and accepted the Terms of Use.


Prices applied to the products are those shown on the product page and those that are shown during the ‘bag’ procedure, at the transmission of the order to the supplier. All prices shall be deemed ‘Inclusive VAT”. This is shown during the checkout phase.

Sumunage reserves the right to modify the prices of any offered products at any time and without notice.


The payment shall be made by credit card or by the Paypal system, which grants security, secrecy and security of the transactions.

The customer is informed that, on the same day in which the Customer place their order, Sumunage, withdrawals the sum equally to the price of the placed order, in this way, the customer has certainty that withdrawals are not executed before execution of their order.


In order to access certain features of Sumunage you may be required to become a registered user and create an account. For the purpose of these Terms, a ‘registered user’ is a user who has registered an account on the website. The services are not intended for people under the age of eighteen. Users who have not reached the required age are kindly asked not to register or subscribe to any service of Sumunage. 

In registering an account on the website, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself.

Sumunage offers you the possibility of using the following account services: Account details, Address book, Purchase history, Payment methods and the log out service. 


Sumunage is on the day of this written page, not a trademark protected brand, nor name. The website may contain certain images whom be copyrighted by the owner of the image. Though, Sumunage tries to add the copyrighted owner to every image once it is clear who owns the image.

It could happen that we have not added the copyrighted owner to the image. When you find that an image on our website owns to your property, please contact us. The image(s) will be deleted, or we come to an understanding.


These Terms & Conditions are governed by the Dutch law and shall be construed accordingly. Therefore, every dispute will be resolved under the guidelines of the Dutch laws.


Customers will receive an email from store@sumunage.com when your order has been confirmed. Purchased items will be shipped within 2 business days of the order. Once your item has been dispatched, you will receive an email with relevant tracking information.


All international orders may be subjected to sales tax, import duties and customs charges at the customer’s expense. Sumunage is not able to declare low value on garments due to restrictions of the law. Therefore, Sumunage is not responsible for paying additional VAT.

Sumunage shall only ship to the address entered at the time the order was originally placed, this due to security reasons. 

Sumunage shall not process any order addressed to a post office box. 

Orders made by one where the identity is not clear will not be processed.

Shipping costs shall always be indicated expressly when the customer is in check out fase.

If for some reason, the package can not be delivered to the given shipping address due to absent cooperation of the customer, such as wrong or incorrect delivery address or absent receiver, or if the customer refuses to collect the package, the package will be returned to Sumunage. The expenses made by this cause, such as shipping costs and any duty and tax, will be deducted from the total of the order to be refunded.


Sumunage uses the services of DHL EXPRESS, this to provide faster shipping time and decrease the delivered to loss ratio.


All items offered for sale on the website can be returned (except for personalized products). Clients must return the garment(s) within 14 days of communicating their intentions to return the garment(s). 

Do not return the garments without communicating these intentions with Sumunage. 

The garment(s) should be returned in their original, undamaged packaging and unused condition. Sumunage has the right to refuse returned items if the requirements stated above are not fulfilled.

Sumunage will provide every order with a return form with instructions, which must be filled in when returning an order.

Please be aware that, when returning the order, the postage costs won’t be refunded.


Your privacy and safety of your personal data are very important for Sumunage. This privacy policy is provided to explain how your personal data is collected on our website and how that information is being handled once it has been collected. By using the www.sumunage.com website, you accept the Terms & Conditions stated in this privacy policy.


The personal information that Sumunage collects is that provided to us when an order has been placed by a Customer, and those that we collect as you browse or to use the services offered by Sumunage.

Sumunage shall collect data about you, such as personal details like name and surname, shipping and billing addresses, IP address, timezone, information about your web browser and certain cookies that are installed on your device. 


All information that has been obtained by www.sumunage.com will primarily be used to provide products and service to our customers. We use the order information that we collect generally to fulfil confirmed orders through the website. Additionally, we use your order information to communicate with you and find out your preferences for a personalized shopping experience.

We use the information you provide to register for an account, attend our events, receive newsletters, use certain other services, or participate in the WordPress open source project in any other way.

We will not sell or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.


As a customer from Sumunage, you have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you. You have the right to ask that your personal information be corrected, updated or deleted.


Sumunage will retain your personal information on our systems only for as long as we need to. We keep contact information (such as mailing list information) until a user unsubscribes or requests that we delete that information from our live systems. If you choose to unsubscribe from a mailing list, we may keep certain limited information about you so that we may honor your request.

Sumunage will not delete personal data from logs or records necessary to the operation, development, or archives of the WordPress open source project.

Sumunage shall maintain data for 3 years to better track and foster community growth, and then automatically delete non-essential data collected via registration. Names and email addresses will be retained indefinitely, to preserve our ability to respond to code of conduct reports.

Banking/financial data collected as part of a reimbursement request is deleted from the Sumunage server 7 days after the request is marked paid. The reason for the 7-day retention period is to prevent organizers having to re-enter their banking details if a wire fails or if a payment was marked “Paid” in error. Invoices and receipts related to Sumunage expenses are retained for 7 years after the close of the calendar year’s audit, by instruction of our financial consultants.

When deletion is requested or otherwise required, we will anonymize the data of data subjects and/or remove their information from publicly accessible sites if the deletion of data would break essential systems or damage the logs or records necessary to the operation, development, or archival records of the WordPress open source project.

Sumunage has the right to alter or simply update all parts of the privacy policy at any time. 



A cookie is a small text file that are stored on the browser of your computer. Cookies are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements when visiting the website. Each cookie is unique to each browser and device you use to access the website. Cookies can be installed by the operator of the website you are visiting or by other websites.


Users can provide or withdraw consent to the use of cookies by setting their preferences within the cookie notice which pops up when starting on the website. Under the guidelines of the GDPR, Sumunage only collects personal information from consumers after they have given their explicit consent to the specific purposes of its use.

Kind regards,

Team Sumunage.

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