Carhartt workwear
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The in 1889 born brand has made such a remarkable comeback in the last few years. Re-igniting the resale-market of used workwear clothing. Where the Carhartt double knee carpenter pants and their workwear jackets play a huge role in this re-ignition. 


First on the list. The infamous Carhartt double knee carpenter pants. These where the base of a lot fit-pics in 2020, and will continue to be so in 2021. Cracking the code to versatility and a high level of comfort. 

Like really, with these pants, no-one even cares if the pants are looking brand new (fresh as a daisy) or battered through hell and back, they will always make you look cool. They give off massive skater vibes and you could undoubtedly wear these to your new neighbors housewarming party without them thinking that you’re too poor to afford new clothes.

Carhartt Carpenter pants
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By the help of the brand LA based brand ‘Gallery Department‘, the pants received a big boost of hype. Probably because the pants were being worn on a daily by the likes of the creative director of Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh, and youtuber / founder of Vuja Dé Studios Ken Iijima. 

What ‘Gallery Dept‘ did is using the basis of the pants, and re-alter / re-work the pants to create this flared pant with different shades of the same color. At first, you could only get these pants via ‘Gallery Dept’ by getting a personal customized pair of pants. They are offered for sale now, price ranging around a whopping $1,000 bucks, while the price point of a original vintage pair lays around $60 to $120 bucks. 

Gallery Dept Double knee carpenters
©Gallery Dept.

There are a few different iterations of workwear jackets by Carhartt on the market. First of all there is the Carhartt ‘Detroit’ Jacket. It features a pointy collar with 3 pockets on the front of the jacket. The leather logo badge is located on the left chest. Usually lined with a quilted blanket like pattern on the inside of the jacket, to keep you decently warm. 

Carhartt vintage work jacket

Secondly, the Carhartt Duck Active Jacket. This jacket is fully made out of canvas as well and really embraced the aging of the fabric. The different kinds of shade on the colored jackets look really great. It features a quilted lining with a big nice hood, to keep your head and ears warm. Two big pockets on the front with the leather logo patch on the left pocket or chest area. 

Both jackets are also extremely popular and are worn by for example rapper Kanye West and topmodel Kaia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford.

By Kevin Vergeer

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