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Frank Ocean is commonly known for his amazing voice, known for the way he scammed his way out of a record deal, known for his acquaintances with ‘Odd Future’ and OF COURSE for his amazing iconic outfits. 

This post shall act as a ‘Appreciation post for Frank Ocean’s style’. Where we go over some of his most iconic and recognizable outfits. He’s much of an outfit inspiration for many.

The ‘Paris Fashion Week Louis Vuitton Show’ Fit

Wandering in Paris being chased by paparazzi, no-one does it cooler than Frank. Dressed like he just had a casual hike on a casual trail. But Frank, no, he just wears this outfit attending the fashion show of one of the most expensive high-end brands, French luxury-house Louis Vuitton

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Outfit breakdown from top to toe:

The Beanie is from the Canadian outdoor brand Arc’Teryx. A brand well know for great quality clothing, which seemingly is getting more attention every year. Especially under the younger generation. The price can be quite steep, depends per garment, but everything is high-quality and build for the highest performance.

The bright orange jacket is from another outdoor brand, an outer- and sportswear brand from Swiss, called Mammut. Since Frank was seen with this jacket, it has been highly sought after. 

To finish the top part of, he wore a big spacey leather tote bag on his shoulder. A dark green leather tote, from Phoebe Philo’s reign at Céline

Aiming at the lower part of the outfit, where the straight denim pants sit on the hiking boots just perfectly. The hiking boots are from the Italian brand FRACAP, which make custom personal hiking boots. The wash of the jeans create cohesiveness to the intent of this outfit. High-end touch, yet perfectly practical.


No one was really sure how and why it happened, but it did. Frank Ocean attended the Met-Gala, the infamous gala where celebrities show off their most amazing- and expensivest outfits. Frank had pretty much been grown a mysterious man over the years, from going quiet a lot of times to shining on the cover of magazines. So it was nice to see him again, even though it was on ‘the pink carpet’… in this case.

Frank Ocean Met Gala

Outfit breakdown from top to toe:

This one is very easy to comply with, as this full black outfit is from Prada. Which is pretty obvious by the badge on the chest of the pull-over padded jacket.

To upper part of the outfit consisted of a black tie and a white shirt. Creating this ever so classic look. Combining the pull-over with the tie and shirt came out the be a slapping combination. After this outfit entered social media, it was game-over quite fast, the jacket sold out immediately. 

I personally, am not a fan of the trousers with boots combination. It gives me like, Jedi vibes, sort off. Not really sure if you can relate, or if my point of view is clear, anyway the combination just doesn’t feel right to me.


As we know, Frank has always had a predilection for Vans sneakers. We can’t really prove him wrong for that. Although ‘Billie Eilish‘ claimed that Vans sneakers give off ‘small d*ck energy’, we find Vans bang for your buck, and gives off ‘normal d*ck energy’. Like really, nothing can go wrong with a pair of sneakers which go with basically every outfit in your wardrobe, for a fee as low as 50 bucks. 

Frank Ocean Suit n Vans
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Outfit breakdown from top to toe:

Displayed on the body of Frank, a two-piece perfectly tailored black suit. Paired with a pair of rugged, used-a-lot Vans sk8-Hi. This outfit proves that a sharp tailored suit in combination with old Vans look bomb, and will undoubtedly carry you over the red carpet in style.

Frank’s Iconic T-shirt from the Panorama Music Festival In New York, 2017 

This one is pretty much a bonus. So, this t-shirt had gone viral once it had reached the internet. Stating the words ‘why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet’. A very strong message with a clear purpose. It’s basically a f*ck you to the people who believe they’re better than one another based on gender, ethnicity or identity. 

Frank Ocean Why be?
©Eddie Lee/ Hypebeast

The reason for me to tip on to this very subject, is because we live in 2020 and it’s such a real thing for this exact period of time. People who don’t care, don’t understand the very problem displayed on this tee. Of course, awareness has been raised this year, 2020, but still, I still feel like people don’t realize or even understand what is going on. 

In this period of time, people are just rough, no one talks to each other on the train, subway or anywhere else. No conversation is being held with a stranger, all because of lack of social skills due to communication skills (which is created by a virtual world, the internet), or we are scared that one finds us weird when we start talking to her/him. Everybody is just scared of each other, and we do have the right to, we are being scared by the government in any possible way. 

Just a reminder, social acceptance is a real thing, for everyone. Everyone deals with it in their own way. We are all struggling enough to be accepted by the society, if it is being accepted to a group of friends, being accepted on social media platforms, with likes and stuff. Everybody is going through it.

So why in the world would you step on somebody who is already emotionally closed off or going through stuff, tough stuff, that you are not aware of. We need to respect each other, and other’s believes. If one can’t accept this, I ask you nicely, please, be quiet…..

By Kevin Vergeer

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